Before Hot Wheels slogan born, on its early age Hot Wheels was the main competitor of MatchboxHowever, both of their products have different characteristicWhen the look of toy cars Matchbox was close to the real one, Hot Wheels just look that they are certainly modelThis brand firstly launched sixteen models in 1968 and eleven of them were the result of Bradley’s touchThe first model produced by Hot Wheels referred to Custom Camaro with dark blue colourBradley was an automobile designer who was popular in car industryHe was also known to be designer who made the legend concept car, Dodge Deora and Custom Fleet-side1968 also become the year when Hot Wheels had its first production line which renowned under the name The Original Sweet 16This model fell into Red Lines SeriesThe model in this series was quite unique since they came with red pinstripes on the car sides.

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